All You Need to Know about Canadian Temporary Resident Visa

    If you want to enter Canada for studies, a job, or to meet your friends and family, you need a Canada visit visa from Saudi Arabia. The visa will allow the temporary stay, but you need to fulfil a few requirements to get the temporary resident visa. You can apply for any TRV by following the procedure below. 

    TRV Substantial Requirements

    • You must have a valid passport.
    • You need to prove that your health is good and you are not suffering from any severe ailment. 
    • Your character also has to be good. There shouldn’t be any criminal record or serious offense. It can affect the credibility of your application.
    • The most substantial proof is that you will return to your home country and not stay in Canada after the visa expiration. Documents of the property, finance, or job will be accepted.
    • In Canada, you must be able to support your expenses, including accommodation, travelling and living. 

    The Required Documents

    • Medical and criminal clearance certificate.
    • Valid passport up to 6 months of expiry duration.
    • Property/job/finance document to prove ties with your country.
    • Borderless two recent passport-size photographs. And they must have a white background. 
    • If you got the sponsor from your relatives or family must have that invitation letter with you.
    • You have no plan to stay after the visa expires and to prove that, you need to submit your return ticket.
    • Bank financial statements ensure you have enough balance for living in Canada. 

    If you are applying all by yourself, it is advised to take help from any consultancy to make sure nothing is left undone and eliminate all the chances or loopholes for visa rejection. 

    The Process of Application

    The application process for TRV includes the following simple steps. 

    1. You can either apply online or go to the Canadian embassy or consulate to take the application form. 
    2. Carefully fill the complete application out. Take help from the internet or if you have any relative who is residing in Canada to ensure no point is left. Do double-check as well. 
    3. There is a minimum visa application fee, and if you are applying online, you can pay through your card and for physical submission, you will have the bank draft. Keep the receipt recorded. 
    4. Now apply with all the necessary documents to the nearest Canadian visa centre. 
    5. There they will ask for your fingerprint’s biometrics. 
    6. The last step is applying and taking the receipt with a tracking number in return to know the progress of your application. 

    Application rejection is very common and can happen due to minor negligence. However, if you do not want to face visa rejection, Immigration Consultant in Saudi Arabia can be your helping hand at the time of application to ensure your visa application gets approved.

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