All You Need to Know About the Rural & Northern Immigration Pilot

    Canada is the second-largest country on the world map, and with metropolitan cities, there are many small villages and communities. The Canada northern and rural immigration program aims to bring foreign workers and skilled men to small far-from-city communities. These small communities have most of the old population and deficiency of labour to perform daily chores. This five-year program helps get skilled foreign workers interested in immigration programs who are actively looking for job opportunities. 

    Also known as RNIP, this initiative helps immigrants acquire permanent residency status and the job post in any enlisted communities. 

    Eleven communities are part of this pilot, and they all belong to different provinces of Canada. 

    What is the Process of Applying for the PNIP?

    1.  The first step starts when the applicant gets a legit job offer from any enlisted communities employer. 
    2. The second step is where the applicant seeks approval from the community.
    3. The community looks at the applicant profile and selects him only he is the perfect match. 
    4. If his recommendation gets approved, after that, he can file an application for permanent residency to IRCC. 
    5. The registered communities have their recommendations and requirements. Every year the recommendations get updated considering the need for distinct skills and workers. 
    6. After the application submission, the applicant will undergo a thorough background check according to the RNIP eligibility criteria.
    7. The applicant must meet all communital and federal entry requirements.  
    8. The PR will be released within a few weeks if he meets the requirements. 
    9. The final step is the applicant’s migration to that community and his family. The community helps them in settling down. 

    What are the Requirements for RNIP?

    • If you plan to apply for RNIP, you are required to have experience of one year.
    • You must get the graduation from any involved community. 
    • Then your language has to meet certain proficiency criteria. 
    • Your experience should fall for one profession, but there is no restriction in working with other employers. 
    • The self-employed working experience is not acceptable. 
    • The educational requirement for RNIP is an undergraduate diploma.
    • With all, the applicant also needs enough funds in the bank to support his and his family stay in the community settlements. 
    • There is a restriction to live in the community if you want to be eligible for RNIP. 
    • Other than that, each community has its own rules and community-based needs. However, the applicant has to adhere to all the requirements to get the approval and PR status. 

    This pilot is a newly started immigration program, and varying from community to community, the need of the candidates constantly changes. Click here to learn more about the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot in Canada that offers permanent residency to the applicant and his family. 

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