American Visit Visa for Omani Residents

    Each year more than millions of people come overseas to visit the USA. The purpose might be to grow their business, see family members staying there, or take medical treatment from a renowned doctor. If you are an Omani resident who is planning to visit America, you must apply for a US tourist visa from Oman. There are two categories of visit visas: B1 and B2, from which you must choose one based on the reason for your visit. These are non-immigrant visas that let you visit and stay in the country for a short period.

    Non-Immigrant (Visit Visa) Categories

    B1 – Business

    The country is well-developed and has greater access to the international market, making it one of the best choices for businessmen to grow their companies. Anyone planning to enter the country solely for commercial purposes must apply for this visa category. The visiting purpose should be to negotiate contracts, attend business conferences, meetings, events, or presentations, and consult with business associates abroad in the US.

    B2 – Tourist

    People from around the globe come to America to see the natural wonders, insane landscapes, and historical landmarks and spend some quality time on the sandy beaches. The visa permits people who are visiting the USA for tourism. The travel must be to tour the country, visit your family members and close friends there, or conduct some medical treatment in any US clinic or hospital.

    Necessary Things to Get the Permit

    • First, see if you have a valid Omani passport. It must have correct blank pages and expiry date at least three months after the visit visa expiry date.
    • As an applicant, you will also be asked to provide your recently shot photographs that are not older than six months.
    • Then you will be asked to produce the proof guaranteeing that you have the required money to support the stay, travel, and food in the USA and back. The document can be a financial statement of the bank account.
    • Then you will be required to complete the form and submit it online or offline. You can get it from the official website or application center near his place.
    • Make sure that your name is not in the police records. Only people with a clear background are allowed to get a travel permit.
    • If you are the applicant, make sure that you have a valid travel itinerary with the correct details and travel date.

    After the applicant is ready with all the documents, he must apply online on the official site or visit the nearest application center and submit the documents along with the filled-up form. He should also book an appointment where the authorities will collect his biometric scans and conduct background checks. After completing everything correctly, he will receive the visa within one or two weeks.

    Contact the visa consultant in Oman to know more about the B1/B2 visa categories available in the USA for travelers.

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