Everything About Subclass 600

    Are you planning to spend this vacation with your loved ones in UAE? If so, get in touch with the Australian immigration consultants in Dubai. Known for the pink lakes, scenic beauty, sandy beaches, and vertical cliffs, Australia has made its place among the top most visited destinations in the world. Any person residing in UAE is eligible to travel to Australia if they have a tourist visa applied in their name. This article will help you understand the various aspects of subclass 600.

    What is Subclass 600?

    The permit required to visit any country other than your home country is called the visit or tourist stream visa. Subclass 600 lets any foreign national visit Australia to visit their family or friends, take a tour of the country, or undergo any medical treatment. It usually allows the person to stay for three to twelve months.

    Different Visa Streams Available for Visitors


    It lets the person holding it stay in the country for a maximum of twelve months. The purpose of the visit may be to go on a cruise trip or to visit the person’s family or friends living there. It can be anything other than related to business or medical treatment.


    This type of visitor visa allows people to be sponsored by a family member who is a PR in the country. The purpose of the visit is to see their family members residing in Australia. It is required for the person to show a genuine relationship with the sponsor.

    Business Class

    A visiting visa allows a foreign national to visit Australia solely for business purposes. With it, a visitor can remain in the country for a short-term up to three months at a stretch to attend meetings, lectures, site visits, conferences, etc.

    Minimum Eligibility to Apply

    • There should be valid passports of the people applying for the visit visa with an expiry date that is not less than three months after the trip.
    • Online form the application that is signed and properly filled up with the correct details of the people traveling to Australia.
    • There must be a duly paid fee receipt for all the applications.
    • They must also produce the respective passport-size photographs of all the visitors.
    • Also, the people planning to travel to Australia must have a proper medical certificate showing that they have no health issues and a valid health insurance policy to treat themselves there even if something happens there.
    • There must be proper bank statements showing that the person visiting the country has all the money that is required to meet all the requirements that might arise there, including the bills.
    • And finally, they must possess correct flight tickets, insurance, the booked room details, and a letter stating their travel reasons.

    Make sure to get a visit visa for Australia from UAE if you are planning to go to the country.

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