Famous Tourist Spots in London

    As one of the most famous cities in Britain, London has never failed to attract visitors from around the globe. It is renowned for fashion, art, architecture, historic feel, cultural acceptance, and developments, making it a leading tourist destination. So, get the London tourist visa and plan a vacation with your family to the most mesmerizing place in the world. We have brought forward ten most visited tourist places that you should visit there.

    Spots You Should Visit in London

    Westminster Abbey

    It is one of the most prominent locations in the city associated with British royalty. The place is a Collegiate church well-known for hosting royal family weddings. It was also a burial site for the monarchs.

    London Skyline

    The Shard has become one of the frequently visited places ever since its creation in 2012. It is a 95 storied building that is 1016 feet high. Visit the place and get a chance to view the London city’s skyline.

    British Museum

    It illustrates human civilization from ancient till the current period. It is a location well-known for showcasing British history, culture and art. The Statue of Ramses II, Mildenhall Treasure, the Egyptian Mummy, and the Elgin Marbles are the main attractions. In addition, it has some of the best antique collections in the world. 

    Tower Bridge

    The bridge connects the Southwark and London cities and is built over the river Thames. It tells stories about how it works and the history behind creating it. Tourists can also enjoy the scenic beauty of the city from the place. 

    Buckingham Palace

    Constructed in the year 1837, the palace is known as the Queen’s Home around the globe. It is considered the symbol of the British kingdom and is famous for the Changing of the guard. You will surely be amazed at its architectural structure and beauty. 

    National Art Gallery

    It is a museum of art that showcases European artworks. In addition, you can go through the vast art collection from the Italian Schools and the Dutch Masters. The location is ideal for people interested in art and culture. Situated at the border of Trafalgar Square, the museum is a place that is home to many stunning masterpieces of art. 

    Big Ben & Parliament

    It is considered the most significant symbol of the UK and its democracy. The enormous clock and the architectural magnificence of the construction make it an ideal place to visit.

    british flag

    Tower of London

    Tourists visiting the place will get a chance to see the Yeomen Warders, The Royal Mint, the renowned crown jewels, etc., that are exhibited. The location is a world heritage site and is ideal if you are interested in the country’s history.
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