How to Choose the Best Consultancy for Canada Migration

    Canada is among one of the leading countries accepting immigrants from around the world. When you plan to visit the country, try to go with the best consultancy for Canada that can help you do the immigration process quickly without any hassles. A good consultant will be there for you throughout the process of immigration, right from the document collection till finally, you receive the visa in your hands.

    Things to Check While Selecting a Consultancy

    They Should be Authorized

    You should check whether the immigration consultants you plan to work with have a valid registration under the ICCRC-Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council.

    They Should Offer a Wide Range of Services

    When selecting a consultant, make sure that they are providing many solutions from which you can choose the perfect one that fits your budget and skills. In addition, he should be aware of all the processes involved in immigration.

    Make Sure You Have Read the Contract

    When looking for the perfect consultant who can help you with the immigration process without any hassles, you should read every clause written on the contract carefully. 

    They Must Have a Good Idea About the Job Market

    A good consultancy will help you find the correct job title based on all your previous work experiences and qualification. He will inform you about the best position that matches the Occupation Lists available in the country.

    They Must Be Aware of All of Visa Changes and Updates

    The consultants must know about any changes in the immigration processes and the country.

    Don’t Forget to Ask for References

    You should always try and contact previous customers who have moved forward with the consultants to ensure they are not frauds. You must also check for the negative reviews that they write.

    Available Visa Options for Canadian Immigrants

    There are usually six types of visas available if a person wants to move to Canada, from which you can choose the best one that perfectly suits your needs and budget. They are:

    1. Visitor Visa – For people who plan to take a country tour. The validity of the visa is for six months.
    • Student Visa – These are those visas granted for students who plan to take graduation or post-graduation courses from Canada.
    • Work Visa – Issued for skilled workers who are experienced and are willing to stay and work in the country.
    • PR Visa – These are the visas issued to those planning to settle down permanently in the country.
    • Business Immigrant Visa – These are visas granted for people who can invest in the country, supporting the country’s development.
    • Visa Through Express Entry – An express entry is an electronically designed immigration program top allows people to apply for a visa based on their skills.

    Contact us now to learn more about applying for a visa and its requirements!

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