ICCRC Registered Consultants & Their Benefits

    Are you planning to immigrate to Canada with your family? If so, contact the ICCRC registered consultants in Mumbai. An ICCRC registered consultant is an authorized person who can practice and specialize under Canadian law for immigration. The council of ICCRC governs them. Hiring one to handle your immigration processes will ensure quality services and quick immigration processes without mistakes. 


    It is the regulatory body created in 2011 by the Canadian government to control immigration processes. They are the authority who can handle permanent residency, citizenship, and study visa services. An ICCRC registered consultant has years of experience in handling many different immigration cases and has updated information about the changes that have been made in the rules and law in immigration. Also, being an authorized person to handle immigration, they charge only the correct fee required, unlike other consultants.

    Why Choose an ICCRC Registered Consultant?

    • They provide you with the best and quality immigration services.
    • They will assist you throughout the process of immigration.
    • Choosing one will help you minimize the chances of getting the application rejected as they have the latest updates.
    • The ICCRC certification confirms that the consultant is registered under the regulatory body.
    • You will be saved from unauthorized charges that other unregistered consultants might charge.
    • They will help make your process easy and quick as they have the experience and specialization in dealing with them.
    • You can also get assistance on other options if there is any error or chances of getting rejected.

    Why Choose Canada?

    • It is among one of the most beautiful countries globally that accepts wide culture and welcomes new immigrants.
    • Being a developed country, it offers many opportunities for foreign nationals to work there.
    • It also has many institutions and certifications that offer high-quality education services accepted worldwide.
    • It is a country known for technological advancements and offering good infrastructural facilities to the people living there.
    • The country offers its immigrants universal healthcare that gives access to top-notch medical services without any fee.
    • It offers the best employee benefits to its immigrants, including holidays, pension schemes, childcare and earned leave.
    • The country is known for having a stable economic and political system.
    • It is considered one of the safest countries for immigrants to live within because of its reduced crime rate.

    Tips to Find the Right Consultant

    • When searching for a good consultant, the first thing that you should check is the credentials. If they are a registered ICCRC consultant, they might have completed their diploma in immigration and will have a certification. 
    • Then, you must go through their references by contacting them on the phone or in-person and clearing all your doubts. Also, make sure to read their reviews. 
    • You must ask the consultant about the law, the time required, the documentation process, and the expenses involved if you are immigrating with them.
    • Also, ensure that your consultant knows the process by interviewing them.

    To learn more about the process involved while immigrating to Canada, contact the global immigration consultancy Mumbai.

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