Inside a Sweet Chocolate Shop: Understanding Different Types of Chocolates

    Do you know what 100% chocolate is? And how can you determine the organic 100% chocolate from the sweet shop? 

    Many people think that it is possible to note the original chocolate. The answer is YES.

    Every chocolate is made from cacao. Cocoa beans are brewed, dried and roasted, further the cacao nibs obtained from the beans and liquified into the mixture of cocoa solids plus butter known as chocolate liquor used in the chocolate. 

    When you step into a sweet chocolate shop, you will select the chocolate and take a look at the label, for instance, 70 % cacao, and this percentage refers to the quantity of chocolate liquor and cocoa butter added to the product. Stamping and percentage will show this is 100% original chocolate and certified by the FDA.

    Cocoa beans are fully grown in various regions, mostly surrounding the equator involving West Africa, South America and Southeast Asia. 

    Every region has its climate, land, solid, minerals, growing conditions and even the farmer’s terms. These all influence the beans. West African beans are delicious due to their dark land, and from South America, the land is quickly growing floral fruits. Southeast Asian land has a sweet bean taste.

    The most popular chocolates are: 

    • Dark Chocolate
    • Milk Chocolate 
    • White chocolate 

    Within these three classifications are different sub-forms; for instance, Blonde chocolate is the subform of white chocolate.

    Sweet chocolate shop with “Milk Chocolate”

    Enter the sweet chocolate shop and meet with famous milk chocolate. Have 10% chocolate liquor and 12% milk; this will dance your taste buds with creamy, sweet, soft and melty texture. It is sweeter than other chocolates due to more sugar and extra dairy.

    This milk chocolate is also used for desserts and cold coffee, and you can also dip fruits into chocolate liquid, topping a cheesecake or Donuts. Milk chocolate is named for its quickly melting and unique flavor.

    When we taste camel milk chocolate, it has 70% cocoa powder, with a nutty taste. After eating, it will give you a salty taste. It is greater in vitamins, minerals, iron and calcium quantity.

    Sweet chocolate shop with “Dark Chocolate”

    Another tasty flavor with dark chocolate contains 35 % liquor, also known as semisweet-containing 35 percent of cocoa or bittersweet chocolate- 35% cocoa powder certified by FDA- Food and drug administration but usually 50% to 80% added cocoa. There is not much difference between the two. Sometimes semisweet chocolate has more sugar.

    70% dark chocolate has a creamy and bitter texture, and 80% chocolate will be too bitter. 

    When you stand in the sweet chocolate shop, taste its bitterness and enjoy your day!

    Sweet chocolate shop with “Unsweetened Chocolate” 

    Suppose you are in the sweet chocolate shop. In that case, you may taste the unsweetened chocolate, also known as solid chocolate, obtained from cocoa butter and cocoa solid, without sugar, or originally made from cacao. The bitter and crumbly texture 

    Sweet chocolate shop with “Caramelized White Chocolate” 

    It comes from the white chocolate that has been roasted until it caramelizes. Its main ingredient is milk, sugar, chocolate liquor, and a creamy texture less sentimental than traditional white chocolate. It is baked in the low heat oven and stirred until it turns golden brown 

    Sweet chocolate shop with “Ruby Chocolate” 

    Ruby chocolate is a kind of white chocolate. The beans of the chocolate come from the ruby cocoa beans used to make it. Its taste is sour and sweet, like berries in chocolate, different from other white and dark chocolate. 

    Sweet chocolate shop with  “Raw Chocolate” 

    Raw chocolate comes from unroasted cocoa beans that the maker claims leaves the antioxidants and nutrients intact, they continually research it, but the chocolate experts suggest emphasizing the quality of the cacao rather than raw.

    Sweet chocolate shop with “Couverture Chocolate” 

    It contains greater cocoa butter than others. Popular is that it melts the fastest. 

    Final Words

    Sweet chocolate shops give you the colorful and delicious taste of chocolates. You can enjoy these chocolates and taste them every day. The markers of the chocolate present our skills and proficiency in crafting the shapes and tastes. Every chocolate hides a different twist from others. 

    Involve in this world of chocolate and embark on the tasting journey that satisfies your soul and mind; every bite gives you an amazing story that leaves a lovely memory. 

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