Places in Australia and France That are Worth Visiting

    Everyone in the world will have a passion for visiting every country on the map, but hardly a few can live up to that dream. Australia and France are two beautiful countries you will never regret visiting. Plan your France tourist visa from India today. Read on through the article to know the best places to visit in France and Australia. 


    Top Places to Visit in France

    If you want to enjoy the France village life, where there is lush forest, fresh air, tiny houses painted with different colours, beautiful lavender fields, and welcoming people, go straight to Luberon in the south of France.

    French Riviera
    Riviera is the home of all the glamour and rich activities. But, on the other hand, it is also home to many local and cultural museums and art galleries. Along with warm to moderate weather, the place manages to attract tourists from all around the world.

    If you love the history and how time leaves its mark on the place, Dordogne is a place to visit. Filled with picturesque-worthy villages, hilltop castles, and a clean river running by, all make a breathtaking scene for the people who have been living under the shadow of skyscrapers for years.

    Mont Saint-Michel
    Between the muddy plains along with tidal waves, the beautiful island of Mont Saint-Michel is one of the world’s top tourism magnets. Located on the northwest coast of France, this rocky island presents the marvel picture of medieval architecture.

    Someone who cannot name any international city would still be able to say Paris; that’s the trance of Paris that it has cast on the world. Known as the city of love, lights, and Fashion, millions of visitors come to appreciate the artful ambience and take a tour of the city each year.

    Top Places to Visit in Australia

    Red Center
    If you are an aspirant of beautiful sunsets, then the Red Center is the ideal place for you. The magnificent sunset view from the top of the rusty-red flanks is a perfect moment, and to double the picture, you will also get a chance to ride on the back of the camel.

    Kakadu National Park
    Who doesn’t love animals, and if you want a close encounter with wildlife, then consider buying a ticket to Kakadu national park. Along with a cruise and beautiful scenic views of animals like goannas, snake birds, and crocodiles, the place will get you attracted by its charm.

    Sydney Harbour Bridge
    Book the ride to the world’s most beautiful bridge to enjoy a 360-panorama view of the harbour. Make sure you are wearing the right suit and the gear to be on that height. Australian and France tourist visas are easy to acquire, and there is no long process for waiting and documentation. The tourist visa for Australia from India cost just ₹ 9,999, and for France, you only require ₹ 7,199 for visa application.

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