Various Visa Classifications in Australia

    Australia is considered one of the best countries to live within, as it offers an excellent quality of life, good infrastructure, social benefits, access to quality education and health care. It is a beautiful country known for accepting broad cultures, welcoming more than 200 lakhs of new immigrants from around the globe each year, who enrich the community. Multiple job opportunities and the increased pay scale in Australia attract professional and experienced foreign nations. When you plan to visit Australia, you must have official permission or a visa. Contact the immigration consultant Delhi to apply for a visa. This article will take you through the various types of visas available in the country.

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    Visa Types Available in Australia

    Permanent Entry

    The visa allows the person holding it to remain in Australia indefinitely. The most common programs under permanent entry are the migrant and the humanitarian. You can apply under the migrant program if you process any skills or qualifications that can help improve the Australian economy. In contrast, the humanitarian program offers resettlement options for refugees or other foreign nationals who need protection. However, it is given only if the person comes under the Australian obligations.

    Temporary Activity

    It is a permit available for foreign nationals planning to visit Australia for any specific programs and projects that the government endorses. It permits the person holding it to stay in the country for the duration of the event or a period not more than four years. To apply, you must have the required skills for the activity, there should be a sponsor, and you must meet the added conditions necessary for the specific stream.


    It is a permit required for foreign nationals planning to travel to Australia. It allows you to remain in the country for a duration not exceeding three months from the day you enter. The visa validity is for a year, and you can also visit the country multiple times. The ideal processing time for the visa is 20-25 days. The government also offers an option to extend the visa for three more months if you wish to stay further.


    The visa is available for international students who wish to study in Australia under a full-time registration course. It also allows the students to work not more than 20 hours per week in the country along with their studies.


    You will need the permit if you plan to start working in Australia. To apply for the visa, you must be below 45 years of age at the time of the application. You must also have the required score in the English language, must possess any of the skills listed in the SOL and must have the relevant experience for the position you are applying for. 


    It is a type of visa that is granted for people entering the Australian boundaries solely with the purpose to conduct business. For example, it may include participating in lectures, attending meetings and conferences, site inspections, etc. The validity of the permit is not more than three months. If you have any doubts or are facing a problem choosing the proper visa for you, then contact the Australia immigration consultants in Delhi.

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