What Makes Canada a Perfect Tourist Destination

    Canada has been one of the most famous countries receiving foreign immigrants every year. The place is well-known for its modern cities with distinct personalities, accepting all cultures, beautiful landscapes filled with mountains, French history, and much more. Apply for the Canadian visit visa from Abu Dhabi today and make your next trip there. No matter which region of the country you are visiting, you will find the place safe, secure and easily navigable for you and your family.

    10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Canada

    Scenic Beauty

    Canada is known for its attractive coastlines, majestic peaks, picturesque woodlands, exquisite beaches, blue water lakes and lush green grasslands. Which makes people want to book the next flights to visit the place.

    Outdoor Activities

    The country is well-known as an ideal place for conducting great outdoor activities like cycling, snowboarding, mountain riding, trekking, kayaking with the whales, playing golf, etc.

    Various Festivals and Occasions

    It is a country known for its festivals, including the celebration of light, Montreal international de jazz festival, Canadian tulip festival, Folklorama, Quebec winter carnival, The Calgary Stampede, Toronto international film festival, and many other events.

    Favorable Seasons

    The country has seasons like winter, summer, autumn and spring, which adds beauty to the scenery, making it ideal for people to conduct various activities throughout the year. 

    Delightful Tourist Spots

    The countryside is filled with various outdoor sports and occasions, making it an ideal destination for people travelling with their families and kids. 

    Easy Access

    All the cities have good infrastructural facilities that make the country easily accessible. Tourists can travel in the country at affordable rates using public transport. 

    Steps to Apply for the Canada Tourist Visa

    • Download the application form and fill it up with the correct details.
    • Then, upload all the required documents needed to support your application.
    • Next, book an appointment with the authorities at the appointment centre nearest to your place.
    • Make the fee payment as specified in the form of the application.
    • Be sure to visit the centre on the actual date of appointment with the necessary documents and answer the questions asked by the representatives.
    • Finally, the authorities will start the processing after required background checks and decide whether you are eligible for the visa.

    Documents Needed To Apply

    • A valid passport with the correct details of the person applying for the visa.
    • Two recently taken colour passport size photographs of the applicants.
    • An application form that is available to download on the official site that is duly signed and filled by the correct details.
    • A valid receipt showing that the necessary application fee made by the respective person.
    • Financial statements indicating that the person has the required amount of money to visit and stay in the country.
    • A valid medical certificate indicating that the person is healthy to travel to the country.
    • Valid flight tickets from and back to the country reserved for the correct date on the applicant’s name.

    Click here to learn more about applying for the visit visa or requirements to get one. 

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